At "beer arch" ... old Manseibashi Bridge station with red brick arch and train and craft beer. ...

Period from Tuesday, July 19 to Friday, September 16  ※"Only as for event space TATAZUMAI" until Thursday, September 15

We hold summer event for a limited time this year. It is special event to be able to enjoy beer while looking at red brick viaduct of a little atmospheric old Manseibashi Bridge stations in Tokyo. ◆Craft beer of the world gathers more than up to 100 kinds! ◆"MAAch ecute-limited original beer" enjoying summer change comes up every month in rotation! ◆We can enjoy real Chinese food of march pride and original seafood as attendant of beer casually! As for the details, please see URL.


"LIBRARY" Micro Works "visiting tails of 2016"

Period from Tuesday, May 31 to Monday, July 4

Umbrella "Tail" making the rainy season fun comes over this year. Tail of animal coils around itself, and umbrella "Tail" which design label Micro Works deals with bundles up umbrella cutely, and dough expresses various patterns by using "zanfu" which appeared by the making of umbrella. "traces" unfolding at the same time is item of new attempt of reuse and reducing to be reborn in unique container by adding special processing to container used in large quantities. This time is * for life that is new to consumption, exhausted empty bottle in mAAch ecute building under the theme of "local production for local consumption"


"Period-limited event" craft girl

Period from Monday, June 20 to Sunday, July 3 ※Opening 16:00 opening

Specialized shop of accessories parts such as button or textile comes up. Including button and cloth made of earthenware, accessories parts is pretty, and items for craft miscellaneous goods tickling heart of woman gather. We can come across precious item imported by button and European countries of one point of thing of antique among them. ◆Textile, accessories, dough, handicrafts item, button, Sue button, antique vintage button


The making of "WORKSHOP" Montpal Leo re-dinull broach

Period Saturday, June 25

It is workshop of brief broach to make with needle and thread as one point of clothes. Let's make one color you like from four colors! Beginner, please participate casually, too ●Entrance fee: Tax-included 2,700 yen (it includes tuition, material cost) ●Broach can choose one from four colors. ●All the tools loan ●Farsighted person, please bring convex glasses ◆The time required: About 15-30 minutes ◆Capacity: Six people ◆About reservation: We heard advance reservations by email. Attach full name, contact information (phone number that communication points out on the day); and info@monpar


Sun sun cycling discussion 

Period Monday, July 4, 2016

We hold fair to talk about liquor which is delicious to have guest rediscover pleasure, charm of bicycle as attempt to connect "town" "person" "company" in bicycle specialty store of street Kanda of sports in cafe & sake N3331 under the theme of bicycle to one hand casually. You can answer various question questions including art of selection of bicycle and bean knowledge on the day while actually touching bicycle. Recently bicycle which it became more and more to see in downtown. Inside thinking of bicycle commuting, In addition, we want to talk about bicycle hot! To toiu


"#51" Chilled tantanmen



Exquisite combination that hotness and creamy soup to be fascinated by weave is addicting special dish. As it is limited menu, please try by all means.


"mugito olives" clams salt SOBA



Please thoroughly enjoy salt SOBA only by blend sasetamugi cage with soup stock and three kinds of salt which you extracted from several kinds of seafood. ◆Price: 980 yen (tax-included)


"Fukumori" mannine fair - jondoraji and diligent ...

Period from Saturday, June 18 to Wednesday, July 20

We hold special fair of fashion textile designer mannine with unique view of the world and minute story. It is story of house dog bean living mainly on jondoraji and edamame researching and developing edamame of various colors from warao village that do close-up in "Fukumori" who is cafe to introduce mainly on ingredients of Yamagata this time. Shop becomes full of beans! In addition to popular clothes, accessory, sale by measure of textile are enriched, too. Please come to enjoy textile of mannine and the world of Fukumori at this opportunity.


"Fukumori" Kei Condo fair

Period from Saturday, June 11 to Sunday, July 10

We hold container writer of Kasama, fair of Kei Condo in "Fukumori". Unique texture recalling me to glaze, tree of beautiful yellow of original development and feel of stone, well-defined form. Warmth that we want to mention all the time feels that we have in our hand once. It is valuable opportunity to teach ceramic art in Bolivia, and to touch the world of container of world Kei Condo to play an active part wide. Please mention the view of the world in Fukumori Manseibashi Bridge shop. Keicondo (Kay Kondo) 1981 | KASAMA birth 2006 | Thorn


Day of "period-limited event" custom tailoring

Period from Friday, June 17 to Sunday, June 19 ※Opening 12:00 opening, most whole day 19:00 closing

Editing team which performs issuance of plan, book of event, letter company hold event that featured the theme of "custom tailoring" while running general shop, cafe, bookstore. Professional builders of every genre including interior furniture such as apparel goods or stool such as watch or hat gather, and made-to-order manufacturing is event to be able to enjoy. ◆Flow of the use: We accept order in each shop, and principle becomes delivery to home later. ※We are going to perform product sales that you can take home with you on the spot partly. ◆19 sets of builders are going to open a store


"Period-limited event" T-shirt collection

Period from Monday, May 30 to Thursday, June 16 ※Opening 16:00 opening, most whole day 17:00 closing

-More than approximately 150 kinds! T-shirts that artist and illustrators playing an active part in wide field such as sale - magazine or advertisement, the total number 16 design T-shirt by 16 artists gather in cathedral. Including work of artist who does not produce T-shirt, the number of the items is usually more than 150. It unfolds from child size to Lady's, men's size.


Under water transportation social experiment conduct

Period from May, 2016 to June

In water transportation social experiment, it is approach to inspect possibility to link Haneda - Akihabara in regular line. For these from May to June, we plan a variety of course setting experiment navigation. MAAch ecute Kanda Manseibashi participates in this approach as local cheering party, too. Specifically, please see HP of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.


Photo studio without "WORKSHOP" camera

It is Sunday, June 12 on Saturday, June 11 on Sunday, June 5 on Saturday, June 4 for period

We hold workshop of likeness painter. We write that photograph represents the truth, but we copy scenery at hand easily now and can leave. We are feeling and cut the best moment. We stay at hand all the time in instant. There is no such superior camera in photo studio of JAROS. On the other hand, we project with writing brush and paint. We find wonderful expression to come out of the inside of visitor and copy while not cutting moment, and enjoying story relaxedly. We think that you can discover one's expression different from camera again. ■Participation capacity: Approximately eight sets ■Expense It is sum to one piece


"Kanda topics" Iwamotocho family bazaar holding



Family bazaar that is held in Iwamotocho, Higashikanda known as "town of fiber" for approximately nearly 30 years. We prepare a lot of bargain products and hold this year. As for the details, please see URL.


"haluta" Hans J Wegner collection



Furniture of ueguna proud of first-rate popularity to in North European vintage is gathered by Haruta. As there is item of the first arrival including chair of table and paper cord which we used pure materials for luxuriously a lot, you touch by all means at this opportunity, and please see. So that inquired much minaperuhonen which we were worried about as beds are received newly on day got Harikae with fabric usually hastens. As you plan product addition during period, please feel free to consult to the staff. Period From Saturday, May 14 to Sunday, June 26


JOSEI SOLO LIVE! I See You While Playing The Piano

Period Tuesday, June 21, 2016

We hold solo live of length blue widening width of achievement more and more including JOSEI ACOUSTIC PIANO TRIO after a long absence as well as SOIL & "PIMP" SESSIONS! As you are going to change stage layout this time, please enjoy changes of sound of sound. Please come to one that the first one already watched to greatly thoroughly enjoy length blue world full of charm in space of underpass! [rate] 3,800 yen (it includes 1 drink) [reservation method] In the e-mail address mentioned above, it is the name, the reservation number of people, contact information


Saw JAPAN TOUR 2016 TOKYO of American grandfather pianist & me

Period Thursday, July 14, 2016

We hold classic pianist of New York, visit to Japan commemorative performance of Mr. Roy Eton in the saw (musical saw) first person, Duo with sakitahajime. Mr. Roy Eton that still plays an 86-year-old role regularly while taking birch in Manhattan School of Music based in New York. Collaboration with Mr. sakitahajime playing saw of beautiful sound for is **! Please participate in Masaki Hayashi as guest support pianist! We fail to listen, and there is not! [rate] 3,800 yen [performer] ROY EATON, sakitahajime, Masaki Hayashi Reservation method: i


"Transportation Museum closing ten years when commemorative display - Manseibashi Bridge had museum -

Period from Friday, May 13 to Sunday, May 29

Mini-plan in connection with reaching ten years from Transportation Museum closing of May 14, 2006 in this year. We look back toward Transportation Museum of the Kanda, Manseibashi Bridge era with photograph to possess of Railway Museum, possession document, and close-up does existence of Manseibashi Bridge as "place where there was museum". It is held for mAAch ecute Kanda Manseibashi and the same period of Railway Museum. ※Railway Museum: It is held until Monday, May 30 ◆Contents    ①Panel display It is pa every themes such as "birth of mAAch ecute" to until "museum is done in Manseibashi Bridge" "museum of prewar days, wartime" "museum of postwar period" "Transportation Museum closing, Railway Museum"


"Period-limited event" Early Summer Style

Period from Monday, May 9 to Sunday, May 29 ※We open at 16:00 on the first day

Season to feel warmth of early summer. Mainly on colorful fashion item, we develop item which can enjoy sense of the seasons. ◆Branch brand ・N4, N5 division "Kapuwa" ・N6 division "blue dress" ・N7 division "Rolca"


"TATAZUMAI" Maeda lily & zasuberuzu picture book story-telling live

Period Sunday, June 5

nijino picture book shop performer Maeda lily and guitarist jokouhiromu, drummer satoukeitaniyoru unique picture book performance-limited unit which voice with strength takes to the world of picture book with it well kindly. We rise to throb and Waku Waku reading even that "Maeda lily & zasuberuzu" which assumes rhythmical performance characteristic by light car which picture book dances picture book knowing well for the first time. Free live of picture book which both adult and child can enjoy! All of you come by all means. ※Photograph: Left karajokouhiromu (guitar) / Maeda lily


"TATAZUMAI" We mend moss ball and moss garden!

Period May 4 Wednesday (holiday), May 5 Thursday (holiday)

We wrap young plant while kneading soil, and kneading, and doing and cover moss ball with moss. Moss garden sets stone beside soil in measure and makes each small garden. Flower language of moss ball "motherly love." According to the name, we bring up sensitivity of child by contacting with soil for heart with love kindly. Let's enjoy only work together by all means in the world. ◆The participation number of people: Five /1 times, three times shift (15 people a day) ※It should be finished as soon as we disappear. ◆Rate: 1,944 yen (tax-included) moss ball kit charges      : With 2,808 yen (tax-included) moss garden kit charges figure skating ◆Reservation: 0


"TATAZUMAI event" Children's PARK

Period May 4 Wednesday (holiday) - Sunday, May 8

A lot of pleasure Manseibashi Bridge aquarium, Manseibashi Bridge zoo open mAAch ecute of GW. In addition, please come to mAAch ecute in families as clothing or miscellaneous goods to be able to enjoy in parent and child unfold to play. ◆Branch shop: N4, N5 division Taiyo Sangyo trade Manseibashi Bridge aquarium, zoo          : N6 division CHATOY          : N7 division Osoto


mAAch Bakery Marchais

Period April 29 Friday (holiday) - May 3 Tuesday (holiday)

In bread Marchais, bakery in the suburbs of Tokyo where our buyer selected carefully in male glance, woman glance opens a store. In addition, we open a store including "HIROO arobö" (Hilo or Robo) handling miscellaneous goods and food which are congenial to bread, and bread menu of limitation appears in part shop of mAAch ecute. As for the details, please see URL. Come to mAAch ecute by all means for Golden Week.


We stroll in "LIBRARY" bread to one hand leisurely Tokyo

Period April 29 Friday (holiday) - Monday, May 9

Golden Week that new life begins in new school term and draws breath a little. Is it not about to be over delicious bread on trip of search for place that can relax of Tokyo to one hand? In LIBRARY, we introduce bread accessories which we want to wear at the time of jam-packed book and outing of bread information. For you who love bread, lamp "pampushiedo" made of bread which becomes accent of interior of room is recommended. ◆Development brand: "nakayoshi ☆ ribbon" "Morita bakery"


"TATAZUMAI event" Have a Green day!

Period from Monday, April 11 to Thursday, April 28 ※We close at 17:00 on opening, the last day at 16:00 on the first day

Season when temperature rises, and going out becomes fun. Trees of rotation grow thick in green like spring, too. In the downtown area, it is healed by green and wants to spend time among plants. We suggest special space that can experience vase, such a feeling including miscellaneous goods and interior goods of flower motif from raw plant. ◆Branch shop ・URBAN GREEN (custom Plantu) ・D-BROS (vase) ・TRANSHIP (Plantu & planter) ・Pacos (Remake Flower) ・Mina (poncho) ・BALLON (aroma ornament)


"Fukumori" Iwagawa light X Masaki Hayashi Duo Live

Period 2016/5/25 Wednesday

May when green deepens. We send Duo live of pianist Masaki Hayashi and quena player Iwagawa light to be active based in Buenos Aires in shelf Fukumori! Hayashi who opens place of achievement from jazz to the high original piece of music of lyrism with Iwakawa receiving high evaluation in not only Japan but also the South American countries more and more. Quena of Iwakawa is like bird running around forest and the sky freely, and affinity with piano of clear Hayashi is the best powerfully. Please enjoy sound that two geniuses weave in space using remains of an ancient structure of Manseibashi Bridge station to the full.


Spring illuminations

Period from Saturday, March 19 to Saturday, May 7

There are many Edo early-flowering cherries and is planted and has a heated the outskirts and Sotobori Street of mAAch ecute, Kanda area including well-established town of Kandasudacho wonderfully every year. We hold illuminations event to enliven cherry-blossom viewing around Kanda area in mAAch ecute. You can enjoy illuminations of two symbol trees to color for viaduct of red brick with attractive one flavor of mAAch ecute, red brick and color taste of good affinity and beautiful scenery that cherry trees in full blossom play.


"mariajudina of Hitachi field bluing laboratory X Chef's Kitchen studio "#51" Hitachi field nest beer and real Chinese food

Period Sunday, April 24

Hitachi field bluing laboratory and Chef's Kitchen studio #51 are collaboration! We hold real Chinese food and mariajudina of Hitachi field nest beer! After having learned theory, law that "mariaju" which matches dish with beer, and raises the third taste is easy, we put five kinds of real Chinese food which included Hitachi field nest beer of 5 brands and specialty of Sichuan "slaver chicken" and "peking duck" together. ◆Rate: 6,000 yen ◆Capacity: 15 (reservation required) ◆Application method: 03-3254-3434 that requires reservation over Hitachi field bluing laboratory store or telephone


"TATAZUMAI" URBAN GREEN MAKERS X BALLON "aroma terrarium" workshop

It is Sunday, April 24 on Saturday, April 16 for period

Brand "URBAN GREEN MAKERS" of terrarium with "green that we can customize to lifestyle" as concept holds art object of flavor of gypsum, workshop of "aroma terrarium" by "BALLON" of aroma ornament! Let's make aroma terrarium only for you using producer of URBAN GREEN MAKERS, the Taku Nitta truth and exclusive terrarium kit and aroma ornament of various motifs. We try to be surrounded by green and aroma while looking at the spring refreshing weekend, Kanda River


"Fukumori" Kazuma Fujimoto << FLOW >> release memory live

Period Tuesday, April 5

We hold live in Fukumori in commemoration of release of new album << FLOW >> of guitarist Kazuma Fujimoto. A few valuable lives that we be wrapped up in sound of Fujimoto with visit to the United States of the end of April near at hand raw and can thoroughly enjoy. We fail to listen to this opportunity by all means and cry! Appearance: Kazuma Fujimoto (guitar)/ Masaki Hayashi (piano)/ Toru Nishijima (bass) ◆Rate: With 3,000 yen 1 drink ◆Reservation method: We accept reservation, inquiry by email. Title of email as "Masaki Hayashi solo" in the text "is participated the name contact information


"Instagram" of mAAch ecute



It is official Instagram of mAAch ecute Kanda Manseibashi. We introduce recommended spot and this and that of mAAch ecute. When you have time, please look at.


"WiFi" is available in the hall



In main pivot area in hall, public wireless LAN connection service with WiFi-adaptive apparatus is available. [usage] We notify ID and password in N8 division "LIBRARY" others, several places in hall. It is available by logging in from your terminal of visitor. ※There is possibility that password is changed regularly.

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